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Satheesh C B | Saturday, December 06, 2008 | 0 comments

Many of us use more than one social networking site like Orkut,Facebook ,MySpace, hi5.

Power.com  allows users to view and interact with all of their social networks at once.It  lets you chat with all your friends on Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5, AOL, Yahoo and MSN Messenger in one place

The site is packed with handy features that can let you chat with your friends right into your MSN messenger with one click. Log into one or more social networks on the Power.com site. Friends, messages, updates, photos and other information are either scraped from the site .



Users can respond/comment on this content directly from Power. If they like, they can send messages and updates to all of their social networks at once. Or send a message to just one friend, but have it sent to all of their different social networks (and if they are a Power user, to their email, SMS, instant message, etc., per their settings).




  • Extremely easy to use: Unlike most social networking gizmos, this one doesn’t require registration. When a new user visits the site they are asked for their login information to one of their accounts at either Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, or Orkut. And that’s it, there’s no registration form or account authorization required.
  • Everything in one place: The site’s dashboard allows for users to view most recent messages, friends, and status updates. It is also very easy to hop from network to network, or merge them all together in one. 



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