How to Install Multiple Internet Explorer on the Same Computer Simultaneously

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Ever wanted to test your website in various versions of Internet Explorer?While one browser displays the homepage correctly, the other messes it up completely. You feel like tearing out your hair especially when this happens while web designing.Thus, havingie7 several test browsers in the system becomes mandatory. And different versions of the Internet Explorer refuse to co-exist.

There are some solutions for this. The first: set up a virtual test environment, for instance, with the free program Virtual PC. In fact Microsoft provides a completely configured Virtual PC on which Internet Explorer 6 runs. The disadvantage is that the run time of the virtual machine is limited; apart from this, the program runs smoothly only on potent PCs.


The freeware ‘Multiple IE’ is suitable for weaker systems. It facilitates several versions of Internet Explorer to co-exist together and installs them. First, update your PC i.e. with Internet Explorer 7 for XP and version 6 for Windows 2000. Download the ‘Multiple IE Installer’ from ‘’ and install it.


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After starting the program, in the ‘Select Components’ dialog, select ‘Custom Installation’ and decide which old IE versions you want to install. The older browsers can be called-up individually through the start menu after the setup.



However, don’t make any settings in the programs as far as possible, since a modified main page can also affect your main browser. On the other hand, the old versions also accept all settings and add-ons as long as they are compatible
with them.

Download Multiple IE installer |Freeware|10.3  MB


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