Ultimate Process Killer

Satheesh C B | Friday, March 27, 2009 | 0 comments

Windows Task Manager  shows what process are currently running in your computer.If you want to  end a process , that can be done  in Task Manager, but you can not delete the file directly  from the system from there.Especially when you suspect  your computer is affected by some malware or spyware.Task Manager has limitation to show detailed information of a process running in a PC.Here  Ultimate Process Killer , a small utility  help you.


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Ultimate Process Killer shows detailed information such as the path of the process, thread, priority, processor time, page file size ,creation date,caption,description etc.UPK is a lightweight utility (only 212 KB).There is no need  to install program.Just run it and you can select any process and kill it by clicking on the kill process button.This tool  is very useful  when  you  want to delete a  virus process with Parent virus file which is running the process


cdicon  Ultimate Process Killer  |costicon Freeware |212KB

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