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ARE YOU TIRED of having to register on a free Web site just to read a news article or view some pictures of your relatives? Rather than registering on such sites (and risking a barrage of annoying spam), many people forget about the news item or put off seeing how their nieces and nephews are doing until their next vacation.

But here is  an easy way to get members-only content without enduring the hassle of signing up for an account.Whenever family and friends send me links to registration required sites, just turn to Bug-MeNot ( ) to slip past most of these requirements. BugMeNot is a site that helps web users get around website registration roadblocks, is back up after disappearing for several days because of server hosting issues.

BugMeNot holds pre-made user names and passwords so that visitors can use them to read content on thousands of registration-only news sites.It also encourages users to use such fake e-mail account services as Mailinator and Spamgourmet to create such accounts. However, it does not allow them to add accounts for pay websites, as this could potentially put BugMeNot in legal trouble. BugMeNot also claims to remove accounts for any web site that requests that they do not provide accounts for non-registered users.


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  • Firefox Extension: Add BugMeNot to your Firefox toolbar.
  • Bugmenot Bookmarklet: Lookup disposable login details directly from the target website.
  • Contribute: Submit a missing or alternative login details.
  • Report non-working accounts

    If you use Internet Explorer,go to the BugMeNot Web site and type in the URL of the site that you’d like to log in to. BugMeNot will return a list of user names and passwords that you can use to log in successfully.The BugMeNot Firefox Extension automates the service for Firefox users.After you install the BugMeNot extension, the next time you encounter a required log-in prompt for a free site, right-click the username or e-mail address box and select Login with BugMeNot. Re peat the process if the initial attempt doesn’t work; the plug-in might have used old information the first time around. Otherwise,
    you should slide into the registration-required content without a hitch.

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