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some tools that can help you manage your followers and publicize their work at Twitter! Some of these serve up for your safety on Twitter! You can find out if there is any following inactive or perhaps a false follower, with the sole purpose of sending spam! Do not miss!

2-23-2010 21-45-47 With Twerp Scan you can view all your twitter followers and weed out all the spammy twitter users from your following or friend list.It  gives you a very nicely laid-out grid of those you are following or your followers depending on what you chose. You can sort on any of the column headers, including number of followers, number following, ratio of followers to following, number of tweets, and time of last tweet.It scan the number of Followers of everyone on your contact list and relate that to the number of people They  are Following. Your Followers are then ranked based on a ratio of the difference.

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Twerp Scan

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One of the simplest ways to use Twitter is to conduct instant polls among your followers.You can also embed the poll in your website, send it to Facebook, email it, etc. All you have to do is enter a question into the provided box, and then set down a series of possible answers for your recipients to choose from.

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Here you have a tool “Whoshouldifollow” that was specially created to meet other people who have interests in common. You will have the chance to support people who are similar in many respects with the followers you have. Cultivating a community with common interests is extremely important, it will keep his followers increasingly interested in their affairs. No registration or sign up is required—you just need a Twitter account.

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Those of you who use Twitter know how quickly one can accumulate unknown "followers".Unfortunately,  many of us not know those unknown followers aren't really people at all, but fake profiles designed to draw visitors away from your profile to adult Web sites and other dicey online destinations .TwitBlock is a web application which looks at its base of followers and provide 'ratings spam' for each follower and classifies them according to the accounts that are most likely spam. Then, you can block them immediately. As a result, this new tool makes for freeing Twitter from the clutter we all associate with spammers and phishing gangs

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