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You never know when disaster may strike,resulting in you having to re-install some or all of your Windows setup. This can leave you without drivers for crucial components,and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to connect to the internet to download them.

To avoid this situation, you should visit is an open-source project that aims to provide a local copy of all the drivers XP will need.On the site you’ll see listed a number of   downloads under the headings Chipset, CPU,Graphics, Lan, Mass Storage, Sound and Wlan. You’ll need to download all the files into an empty directory on your hard disk. The total download size should be about 336MB and all the files will end with the extension .7z.They can be decompressed using the 7-zip
program (available at

Once you’ve downloaded and decompressed all 10 packs, you should move the compressed files you downloaded out of the directory to a safe location. You can then copy the remaining extracted directories and their contents to a 2GB or larger memory key, or burn them to a DVD.
You can use these drivers whenever you have to re-install or repair a Windows XP installation, so it’s worth keeping sufficient backup copies of these driver discs to cover you in all eventualities. What’s more, on page 34 we’ll show you how to incorporate these drivers into a specially customised XP installation disc.You can also find Windows drivers at the Microsoft Update Catalog site at, but it’s
tedious if you need more than a handful


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