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Satheesh C B | Sunday, May 24, 2009 | 1 comments

Rapidshare Plus 4.0 is a free and easy to use automatic downloader for free Rapidshare users which can  download multiple files automatically. It can save you from frustration of seeing the message of download limit exceeded for the free users.

  • Just add them or use the paste function.
  • Select the folder to download to.
  • Sit back and watch it download automatically

5-24-2009 10-56-53 AM



  • Queue Autosave
  • Advanced error-handeling
  • Paste Function Improvment
  • Minimize to tray function
  • Change directory in the Queue
  • Autoexecute in the Queue
  • Preffered download server
  • Add a Rapidshare linklist
  • Open the download folder directly
  • Provision to save and load the queue from a file

Functions you can find in the menu under Config => Options

  • An autoexecute function
  • Scheduler was moved to the config screen
  • Balloon Notification
  • Start Downloading on startup
  • Start minimized
  • Choose the retry timeout 

download_thumb[1]Rapidshare Plus 4.0 |Mirror| Home Page

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