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Satheesh C B | Friday, June 19, 2009 | 1 comments

You will be able to easily manage your computer, either remotely or automatically with Sleep Moon Xpress.It is simple to use, and packed with a lot options and features, such as Alarms, Automatic Shutdown, Remote Executions, Download & Upload Speed Detection and much much more. You can  remotely control your computer using any Bluetooth or Infrared enabled device with  the help of WTP Mobile Technology .




It is also equipped with sound sensitive trigger system making Sleep Moon Xpress activate even with a Clap! .With all these Sleep Moon Xpress is a powerful Automation Tool which can be activated using different types of connections from kilometers away.


Key features

  • Shutdown Option
  • Reboot Option
  • Log OFF Option
  • Power OFF ATX Option
  • Silent Alarm Option
  • Run File Option
  • Alarm Option (With 4 Pre-Installed Alarms)
  • Atomic Time Synchronization
  • BlueActive Technology (Range: 80 - 400M)
  • WTP Mobile Technology (Range: Unlimited)
  • Audio Sensitive Trigger System

ic_download  Download |12.5 MB| Freeware | Homepage

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  1. Dear Spaark,
    Have u used this utility?
    How safe it is?