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Mostly we  organize our  files into various folders. Sometimes we move our files from one folder to another, but we forget to delete the empty folder. Also we  install an application and later we  uninstall it, but it leaves behind some empty folders. This leads to cluttering of hundreds of dozens of folders, without a single byte of data in it.By removing such folders ,you can retrieve hard disk space.


It is usually safe to delete empty folders, but you should exercise a little caution with folders belonging to applications that are still installed on your computer.Here are some free tools to remove empty folders from your hard drive


RED (Remove Empty Directories ) scans your drives or directories for empty folders and removes it. By default, it scans hidden folders, but ignores system folders to prevent any harm to your PC.You can create some custom rules for keeping and deleting folders. Empty files in directories can also be ignored.


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ic_download  RED-v2.1  ; SysReq:Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Folder Destroyer , lets you empty specific folders.With this you can easily empty out the contents of specific folders like cleaning of temporary internet files folder and other custom folders which you clean or empty on periodic basis. It supports command line options for use in the Startup folder, Registry startup keys, or in batch scripting.It’s quite user friendly and light too.


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ic_download   Folder Destroyer


Fast Empty Folder Finder is another  useful application that help you find and delete any empty folders from your PC. The built in preview method help  you to see what is in the folder so you never delete anything you don't want by accident.


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ic_download  Fast Empty Folder Finder


DelEmpty is a useful ,handy  and free tool that delete any temporary files and folders. Over time these files can grow to occupy a large chunk of your hard disk. Thus this tool recovers all those wasted space.

Key Features

-Scans all accessible user accounts
-Deletes temporary internet files
-Deletes cookies
-Deletes browser history
-Deletes recent files
-Deletes windows temp folders

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ic_download DelEmpty |SysReq: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT|211KB|Freeware

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