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Unsolicited mass email has become an enormous problem on the Internet.Global spam levels reached an all-time high of 95% of all emails at its peak.Spam with malware hyperlinks inside one technique which reached a new high recently.Spammers disguised messages in PDF, Excel, and other popular file formats. This simple trick fools many anti-spam technologies and end users alike.By opening an email you think is spam, you could be inadvertently alerting the sender that your email address is active.Spammers often hide things in messages to verify someone has opened it, and then sell the address to others.Spam wastes time, clogs mail servers, and is very difficult to get rid of.


AntiSpam Sniper Pro is a free tool that was designed to help you get free of all those annoying spam messages.This utility is very effective in deleting all evident, aggressive spam without downloading it to your PC allowing you to have a clean and unclogged mailbox. AntiSpam Sniper Pro has an interface so built as to let you easily view and sort message headers in the most conveniently way. Although you get to control the main features of the program and the process of fighting spam altogether don’t think of it as a tedious and time-consuming task.


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  • You may add your pop3 email account by entering the Pop3 server details and username password combination in the text files provided.
  • After adding the details the software will scan for spam on regular intervals automatically or on pressing the "scan" button manually.
  • Keywords filtered database in the software is 480 words.
  • The software has database of "Spam keywords" which you may add to or even delete to suit your requirements.
  • You may add or delete the blacklist and whitelist email ids.
  • Option to import email address from Outlook express is also available(On pressing "Import" button).
  • User interface is pleasant, configurable, very easy to work with. Installation takes no time.

 downloadfile  AntiSpam Sniper Pro |SysReq:Windows 2003, Vista, Win Me, Win 2000,Win XP, Win7, Win 98 | Freeware |3.54MB

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