Remove Fake/Rogue Antivirus Programs With Remove Fake Antivirus

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Rogue/Fake antivirus programs are extremely annoying and in recent years, has become a growing and serious security threat  for PC users.If a fake program  is installed on your PC, you will begin to receive  persistent warning messages that your system has been infected with many viruses and misleads users into paying for the fake or simulated removal of malware.Actually such programs  itself a virus and  removing  is also quite hard and annoying.


Fake Antivirus is a small tool which removes 27 such fake/rogue antivirus programs.It's a very easy to use malware removal tool


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It removes :-


1.Cyber Security
2.Alpha Antivirus
4.Windows Police Pro
5.Antivirus Pro 2010
6.PC Antispyware 2010
9.Green AV
10.Windows Protection Suite
11.Total Security 2009
12.Windows System Suite
13.Antivirus BEST
14.System Security
15.Personal Antivirus
16.System Security 2009
17.Malware Doctor
18.Antivirus System Pro
19.WinPC Defender
21.Spyware Guard 2008
22.System Guard 2009
23.Antivirus 2009
24.Antivirus 2010
25.Antivirus Pro 2009
26.Antivirus 360 and
27.MS Antispyware 2009



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  dl2 RemoveFakeAntivirus |OS:Windows 2000,Windows XP,Vista | 0.80MB | Freeware

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