Protects Your Open Programs With LockThis!

Satheesh C B | Friday, November 27, 2009 | 0 comments

LockThis! is a small  tool which makes it possible to password protect almost any programs or documents that's currently open / running. This tool is perfect for people who often lend their PC to others, because with this tool they can keep the content of some programs or documents from other people eyes without need to close them first.


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LockThis! is simple to use.To lock an application, just press Ctrl while minimizing the window that you want protected.You have to provide the Admin Password (The default password for the admin panel is "LockThis!".).You can use your admin password for all protected programs .The window can not be Restored or maximized without supplying the correct password.If the correct password is not supplied, the restore or maximize request is simply ignored and the window stays minimized.


100 LockThis!HomePage | 528 KB | Freeware

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