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Software developers usually release  their new versions after improving its features, GUI, removing some bugs or security weaknesses in earlier versions or for some other reasons.So with every update a software becomes more secure and more stable.Some software will have automatic updates,but many don't have.It is very difficult to keep all the software on your computer updated to the latest versions.Also you might find it difficult and time-consuming if you have many programs installed.That's where Seven Update is  useful.


Seven Update is an open source update platform for windows. It allows an easy way to keep your software updated. It offers automatic update notification and installation.It also provides end users with a clean and intuitive interface, and also provides a user-friendly way to easily update their applications.


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  • Provides automatic updates for software
  • Full update history
  • Application Repository - a list of applications that can be updated with Seven Update
  • Add an application to Seven Update by clicking a link on a web site
  • Automatic search and download of updates (depending on settings)
  • Hide & restore updates
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Hash verification, no corrupt files!
  • Displays download counts and sizes.
  • Informative progress, know exactly what Seven Update is doing.


windowsSevenUpdate32-bit |5.3 MB windows SevenUpdate64-bit |3.7MB|OS:Windows NT / 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / XP X64 / Vista64 / 7|Open source

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