Shared Access Computing With Windows SteadyState

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Creating several user accounts on a common PC is annoying: You want to work quickly, yet at the same time keep logging on to individual accounts separately for configuring special settings. Instead, you can do all that centrally as well as be able to use an existing account as a template for other accounts.


In a shared PC you may face following threats

  • Hard disk filled with downloaded files
  • Strange options configured
  • Programs installed that you don't want
  • System infected with viruses and spyware
  • Computer bogged down for unknown reasons                               

You can manage user accounts centrally with Microsoft’s SteadyState.With this you can manage whole groups of users as single user accounts.On the right side of the window, all user accounts set up on the system are listed under ‘User Settings’ with the exception of the one that is currently being used. Click on the desired account. You can now access the account settings via the ‘General’, ‘Windows Restrictions’,‘Feature Restrictions’ and ‘Block Programs’ tabs. Options that cannot be accessed directly have been explained in the English manual that can be downloaded from here


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Using Windows SteadyState has another advantage: You can use existing accounts as templates. To do this, follow the ‘Export User’ link on the home page. In the following dialog, enter a name under ‘File name’ under which you want to store the account profile as a template. It has the file extension ‘.SSU’. Then select the account under ‘User name’ and click on ‘Import User’. In the next dialog, select the SSU file and click on ‘Open’. You can now define the name and also a password for the new user account. Confirm this information and click ‘OK’.

dl2 Microsoft SteadyState (Validation Needed) |6.35MB | Vista/XP

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