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In windows , when you accidently delete an item, you have a second chance to recover it from Recycle bin.So it is a safeguard in your PC, but what it happens in a Flash drive?In that case you need a recovery software.But fortunately  here is  a   portable application  called iBin  with which  you can create a portable recycle bin.It run in the background in the system tray detect when you try to delete a file from your flash drive.


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From the context menu iBin in the system tray you can open the trash iBin, empty it and restore the last file sent to the trash.Whenever you try to delete an item on your flash drive , a window will pop up asking if you really want to erase it, or if you want to dump it into your iBin.To restore the files sent to the trash, use the Dumping Management.In "Custom Options".


You can change the size used by the trash iBin, enabling the use of shortcut keys, set up automatic cleaning of the trash iBin, cause the iBin start automatically when the device is plugged into the compute etc.By right-clicking  the iBin icon in your Windows system tray to undo the last dumping, clean the bin, or open up the Dumping Management window where you can clear or recover  selected items.


 ic_download  iBin 2.7 | 686 KB |Freeware

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