Protect Your USB Drive With Mx One Antivirus 4.0

Satheesh C B | Friday, February 05, 2010 | 0 comments

The most commonly used storage device in present day world is the USB Drive/Pen Drive.This is mainly because of it’s versatility, flexibility and size.But USB devices are very prone to virus,worms, trojans and  malware infection .And virus use your USB device to infect your computer.This leads to  spreading of malware from  an infected PC to other systems when a flash drive is plugged into them.Earlier I covered some  tools for USB protection like Naevius USB Antivirus , AutoRunExterminator and Panda  USB Vaccine. Here is another  tool  called Mx One , which is a free antivirus designed to protect the removable storage devices like USB sticks, iPod, mp3, mp4, memory cards and many more devices in an efficient way.

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It can be installed either on your computer or right on your USB stick, or portable multimedia device.


1.Detection of Virus,Trojans,Worms ,Spyware,Riskware and more

2.Very fast & lightweight

3.Detects unknown viruses

4.Cool Interface,Easy to Install & Configure

5.100% free

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Download   Mx One USB Antivirus

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