Easily Install All Your Favorite Free Apps With Ninite

Satheesh C B | Friday, February 26, 2010 | 0 comments

So you just made the move to a Windows 7 machine, and now you need to install all of your software. Or you’ve just  reformatted  and reinstalled Windows XP/Vista  and  you have to sit there for about an hour just downloading all your favorite programs again and installing them. It means a lot of work reinstalling applications you may have had on an older build-digging out the CDs, downloading programs from various sites,and then babysitting your system while it installs one application after another.

But there has to be an easier way. Ninite - an awesome free service, automatically downloads and installs your  popular  applications.Just scroll through its list of 70-plus programs, checking off what you want.It offers current versions of nearly every major freebie.The applications are divided into categories to make it easier for users to pick the programs that they want to include in the custom installer.Some of the software you will see in their directory is Firefox, Thunderbird, VLC, Foxit Reader, Avast, AVG, Flash Plugin, CCleaner, 7zip ,iTunes,Microsoft Office, Picasa, Skype, and Steam and much more

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Once you’ve made your picks, click Get Installer to download a small executable file. Run that file and sit back while Ninite goes to work. How long the process takes depends on how many programs you’ve selected.Now you can enjoy using your favorite apps with little effort on your part.

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Visit http://ninite.com/

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