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There are a lot of  file sharing services available in net like   BitTorrent, Usenet, RapidShare ,Hotfile etc.Gygan is one of the newest additions into this file-sharing battleground. It combines some of the best features of RapidShare and Usenet,but unlike the two it runs on an easy-to-use standalone client.It is a free application that allows you to share large files fast with your family and friends!


  • Unlimited storage – upload any files you want because you’ll never run out of storage space.
  • Upload unlimited files for free with highest speed.
  • Download files for free with highest speed – free users get 4 GB of free downloading and a free refill of 1 GB every month.
  • Upload and download any file type (i.e. music, video, picture, documents).
  • Choose whether you want your files to be public or private.


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This software is 4GB of free downloading and a free refill every month .On the other hand, unlimited uploads are free for everyone .You can even make money through Gygan's Reward Program if enough people download your files.Users are able to download  at their maximum bandwidth from Gygan’s servers without the wait-times, file size limitations, and speed restrictions.There are no peers, no seeds/leeches, no ratios, and no IP addresses being shared as in BT client.Also Gygan provides indirect access to Usenet through their own servers.

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To getting started with Gygan you have to download and install the Gygan client. You’ll also need to create an account and login .You can search  the files on the Gygan network  either  through the application itself or  online.The files are sorted in terms of popularity by default in Gygan.You can also join Gygan’s affiliate program, where you’ll earn money for every referral who signs up for a "free user" account. 

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Visit :http://www.gygan.com/features/

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