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Clipboard is one of the most essential and important features of an operating system.Windows XP’s Clipboard Viewer is called the “Clipbook Viewer,” To display the clipboard content, user can do it by running clipbrd.exe and it will show you the clipboard content once it is launched. Clipbrd.exe comes together with Windows XP and it is located under C:\WINDOWS\system32.The ClipBook Viewer shows you the information you have copied to the Clipboard. You can store information permanently in your Local ClipBook and share it with other users.

To open clipboard , Start>Run>type clipbrd or clipbrd.exe in the open

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But clipboard is  not powerful enough to completely ease your works on computer because you can keep only one item in the clipboard .Here is a free tool, when you  need a clipboard that will store multiple  events.



TenClips helps when  you want to copy some text from a web page or a document and paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source. It replaces the traditional paste/cut in Notepad to remove text formatting.It  is very useful, when you very often need to copy and paste portions of text from various documents to another  like  filling in forms in which you have to input the same information once and again (first name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, etc.).

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Download : TenClipsSetup  | HomePage

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  1. But spark when after restart the system may we can get it back this clipboard items ? does it possible?

  2. TenClips 1.3 is out with new nice features:

    * Save/Restore the ten clipboards content to file.
    * New hotkey to reload the last used file.
    * Files copied from Windows Explorer can be pure-pasted (Win + V) as list of files in a text editor.
    * Pure-pasting (Win + V) is working in Command Prompt windows (DOS) if QuickEdit mode is enabled.