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Why many people avoiding the upgradation  to a new operating system because the thought of moving all their settings and files is too difficult or seems like too much work.Here is small tool  from  Microsoft  , which makes it easy for even inexperienced users to upgrade to a newer operating system with the Windows Easy Transfer tool.It   includes a new file explorer so you can easily choose exactly which files to copy to your new PC. Windows Easy Transfer provides a number of ways for you to connect two computers to transfer your data.

These include:

  • Easy Transfer Cable This is a special USB cable that is designed to work with Windows Vista and Windows Easy Transfer. This is the easiest and fastest method and is recommended if you don't have a network. This solution is supported on Windows XP-based and Windows Vista-based computers.
  • Home or small business network If you already have a wired or wireless network, this is a great way to transfer all of your data.
  • Removable hard disk If you own a removable hard disk, Windows Easy Transfer can copy your data to that disk and then copy data from that disk to your new computer.
  • CD and DVD Windows Easy Transfer can use a computer's CD or DVD burner to transfer user data.

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The Windows Easy Transfer tool lets you move the following files and settings from one computer to another:

  • User accounts
  • Files and folders
  • Program data files and settings
  • E-mail messages, settings, and contacts
  • Photos, music, and videos
  • Windows settings
  • Internet settings
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The Windows Easy Transfer tool is not new to Windows 7 as Microsoft first introduced the tool in Windows Vista. If you used the previous version,you will notice some definite enhancements to the tool in Windows 7.

  • User interface is much simpler .
  • Program reinstallation assistance,You can exclude settings for specific user accounts from being transferred.
  • Migration support for either Windows Vista or Windows 7 .
  • Ability to re-map user accounts during migration.
  • Provides enhanced selectivity, down to the file level.
  • Ability to migrate and re-map non-system drive contents.
  • Ability to choose specific files to apply to the new PC, rather than all or nothing.
  • Data-only migration supported cross-language
  • File errors are reported when encountered, but they do not interfere with the transfer.
  • Provides a report at the end of the migration, which details everything that occurred during the transfer

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