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Typing speed is something that will improve over time and with practice.How to improve your typing speed?.Rapid Typing Tutor  is a free tool , which makes keyboard training fun and entertaining.It will help you learn how to use your keyboard more efficiently in a few easy sessions.The program will  help  both novice and  experienced typists  to increase their speed through a series of easy, fun lessons.It is fully customizable, allowing students to plan their own lessons according to their skills and capabilities.

Users can choose from lessons consisting of letters, syllables, capital letters, digits and symbols, or text. As each lesson scrolls across, a keyboard diagram shows an outline of hands moving to the appropriate key. Users type through each lesson and are then shown their scores on speed, accuracy.Variety of underwater fauna will make fun of your training. The more you improve your printing level the more nice underwater creatures will come to light.

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By simply looking at charts ,it's easy to evaluate typing performance at any time. Rapid Typing Tutor tracks user progress, and allows students to see their results at any time. The progress and statistics are represented as tables and charts, allowing students to see their progress and become motivated for taking yet another lesson.

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