Facebook Users Warned of 'likejacking' Scam

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Sophos , the internet security firm has warned Facebook users to be on the alert for a scam ,which sends a spam message to all of their friends on the social network.Thousands of Facebook users have fallen for the scam which known as  'likejacking'. Many Facebook users had received a message such as "This man takes a picture of himself EVERYDAY for 8 YEARS!!" and were encouraged to click on a link.Clicking on the message will automatically publish the same link on the victims Facebook wall potentially allowing friends to click on it.

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Sophos said clicking on the link takes a Facebook user to what appears to be a blank page with a 'Click here to continue' message. Sophos said clicking on the page publishes the original message on their own Facebook page with a 'like' notation and recommends it to all of their Facebook friends.

So beware Facebook users, don't click on suspicious links, even in your friends' profiles and News Feeds. Beware of any page that contains an invitation to "Click to continue."

Those who are already clicked such links remove any entries related to these links from locating your "Recent Activity" in your News Feed. Then click on the Info tab, and next to "Likes and Interests" click on "Edit". Click "Show Other Pages", and click "Remove Page" for each of the malicious links. Then click "Close" and "Save Changes".

Sophos warned last week about a Facebook scam designed to trick users into installing adware, a software package that automatically plays, displays or downloads advertisements to their computer.

Read more  here : Facebook Worm - “Likejacking”  : Sophos

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