3 Less Known Google Services

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Google services like GMail, Reader and Docs have received huge popularity, there are some services that haven't yet got the attention they deserve. Here's a look at 3 such services from  Google

Google Account Activity Reports give you a monthly summary of your account activity across many Google products.It contains how many emails you have sent and received, how often you have searched on Google, from which countries you have logged in and how often your YouTube videos have been viewed.

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  • Designed to offer you transparency and control
  • Summarises the data associated with each product you use when signed in to your account
  • Provides links to control your personal settings

If you use the following products, you should see them in your Account Activity Report:

  • Gmail
  • Latitude
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Web History
  • YouTube

 27-01-2013 06-47-36Google Account Activity

Google Takeout  is another service from Google which allows you to easily download the data from a variety of different Google web services.Google Takeout is a Data Liberation platform that lets you take your data out of multiple Google products in one fell swoop.

Google Takeout supports the following services at this time:

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If  you want to leave Google for another product, with Google Takeout   you  can export your information from Google products and  store a copy of your information on your own computer and take  that to the new service,

27-01-2013 05-53-45 is a tool that analyzes your email and sends you a weekly report with analytics and detailed statistics that will help you analyze your Gmail habits. Gmail Meter is free, takes minutes to set up and it is designed so that all data processing happens locally in your Google account.To set up Gmail Meter visit  here .Depending on your email volume, it may take 30 to 90 minutes to build your report

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Gmail Meter Report   contains Volume Traffic ,Daily Traffic, Traffic Pattern,Email Categories, Word count and Time Before first Response .Gmail Meter FAQ here

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