Crack Office 2007 activation without a crack

Satheesh C B | Monday, March 03, 2008 | 0 comments

For those who don't like confronting with Microsoft
For this procedure, you will need
* Office 2007 that requires activation
* A computer able to run Office 2007 (XP or higher required for Office 2007)
* At least 3 minutes of time
* Uninstall Office 2007 from your computer if you have it on there right now
* Install Office 2007 IMPORTANT! When installing Office 2007, when it asks for a serial number, just click Continue and with the dialog that pops up, click No. Then continue with your installation.
* Once Office 2007 is installed, you should be able to open Office apps and be prompted for activation. This is normal.
* Close all open Office apps.
* In Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en
* In any plain text editor you want, open Proof.xml
* Find:


      </Feature> <Feature Id=”SetupXmlFiles” Cost=”1248″>
<OptionRef Id=”AlwaysInstalled”/>

* Replace "AlwaysInstalled" to "neverInstalled" (make sure to get the casing right) so that it will look like the this:


</Feature> <Feature Id=”SetupXmlFiles” Cost=”1248″>
<OptionRef Id=”neverInstalled”/>

* Save the XML file.

* That's it! You're done. Next time you open an Office app, it will not rudely ask for a serial number

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