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If you're looking to convert video files so that they can be viewed on your Nokia mobile phone, you might well think that Nokia's own conversion program would be the best solution. It's one of the most downloaded programs on Softonic's Phones platform – but is Nokia Multimedia Converter really any good?

Most users will find that their first problem with Nokia Multimedia Converter occurs before they try re-sampling any video files. Those familiar with Nokia applications will also be familiar with their impossibly complicated installation processes which require usernames, passwords, emails and reboots before you get anywhere near the actual program. Multimedia Converter upholds this brave Nokia tradition with tenacity. Every step is explained fairly well but the entire process remains a nuisance. The best advice we can offer is that you ensure you complete the free registration process at Forum Nokia before installing this program. It's important to note that you'll also need an Internet connection to complete the setup process.
Once installed, registered and rebooted you can at last start up Multimedia Converter to have a look at the amazing features Nokia seem to want to protect so carefully. At first sight, the program is pretty underwhelming. A simple interface offers you all the options the converter is equipped with in one small window. On opening our usual test video, we started to explore the different conversion types available. It soon became pretty obvious that Nokia multimedia Converter is designed to convert video files to just one format: QCIF. This format supports a maximum frame rate of 15fps, a maximum bit rate of 128kbps and miserably poor audio quality.
Quite why Multimedia Converter doesn't support a wider range of output types is never really made clear. Sure, you can reduce the frame rate, reduce the bit rate, set a maximum file size and so on but the truth is that no one is ever going to want to watch video on a mobile handset at 0.5fps. Similarly, the audio encoding element of the program supports only the disastrously poor AMR format meaning that if you're trying to encode video with audio using this program, you're in for a big disappointment. Unless you're converting from a basic MPEG movie, you can expect serious problems with sound quality including speed-reduction, loss of sync and audible glitches. We've had much better results with other converters and frankly, this is sub-standard.
All in all, this is a basic, free tool which does what Nokia says it's meant to do and nothing more. It doesn't do it very well, but it does it. With several better solutions on the market, this is another example of why Nokia is known for its high-quality handset and OS design and not for its consumer applications. Nokia Multimedia Converter is best avoided unless you're looking for a program which is only capable of producing unwatchable video without a useful soundtrack.

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