Tweak Vista Settings with Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Satheesh C B | Tuesday, November 25, 2008 | 0 comments

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a Tweak UI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit.The utility has a simple easy-to-use user interface, with the tweaks being classified in separate heads based of their functionality. Most tweaks are hidden inside Vista, and what this tweaker does is to try and put the useful one's in one place.

Its only 368 KB EXE file which even doesn’t need any installation. You can directly run it after downloading so you can also carry it on your USB drive.You can also create a system-restore point just by clicking a button in the Ultimate Windows Tweaker window--handy just in case a tweak goes awry. Or click Restore Defaults to set everything back the way it was.


The tweaks are classified under seven categories and can be accessed through a common interface, just like your Windows Vista Control Panel.
1) Personalization,
2) User Accounts & UAC,
3) System & Performance,
4) Security,
5) Internet Explorer (IE7 / IE8)
6) Network Optimization
7) Additional Options

For details, click here.

CaptureWiz006 Ultimate Windows Tweaker

SysReq:Vista32/64 bit|I E 7 or higher|Freeware|368KB

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