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Satheesh C B | Friday, January 16, 2009 | 1 comments

You may have heard about the overwhelming onslaught of 'bots' or 'zombies' Those are a computer or network security threats.A 'bot' is a type of malware which allows an attacker to gain complete control over the affected computer.Computers that are infected with a 'bot' are generally referred to as 'zombies'.Attackers are able to access lists of 'zombie' PC's and activate them to help execute denial-of-service (DoS ) attacks against Web sites, host phishing attack Web sites or send out thousands of spam email messages.




RUBotted monitors your computer for suspicious activities and regularly checks with an online service to identify behavior associated with Bots.It intelligently monitors your computer's system behavior for activities that are potentially harmful to both your computer and other people's computers.Upon discovering a potential infection, RUBotted prompts you to scan and clean your computer.


RUBotted co-exists with your existing AV software, providing advanced bot specific behavior monitoring. RUBotted does not rely on frequent, network intensive updates to ensure your computer's continued protection.

download_thumb[1] RUBotted   | 4.94 MB| Freeware

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