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PC Flank a free Internet resource  site which  gives users the tools needed to protect their PC from various threats. It lets you determine whether  your PC  is vulnerable to virus and Trojan attacks. You will get a  report on the quality of your system's security.You can make your surfing safer from the  recommendations .

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The following tests are available  at PC Flank.

  1. Quick test
    This test shows how vulnerable your computer is to various Internet threats. It consists of Advanced Port Scanner, Browser and Trojans Tests. You will get a  comprehensive report with recommendations to improve the security of your system.
  2. Stealth Test
    Stealth test  is to determine  whether your computer is visible to others on the Internet. It also  shows whether  your firewall is successfully hiding your system ports.
  3. Browser Test
    This test  is to check  whether  your browser reveals personal information about sites you have visited, the region you live in, who your Internet Service Provider is, etc.
  4. Trojans Test
    This test scans your system for the most dangerous and widespread Trojan horses and it will recommend actions to take if a Trojan is found on your computer.
  5. Advanced Port Scanner
    The Advanced Port Scanner tests your system for open ports that can be used in attacks against your computer. You can select  either TCP connect scanning (standard) or TCP SYN scanning for test it. You can also select which system ports you want to scan.
  6. Exploits Test
    This test detects how vulnerable your computer is to exploits and can also be used to test firewalls and routers for stability and reactions to unexpected packets. If your system is unable to pass this test, it may crash or reboot.
  7. Internet Speed Test
    This simple test accurately measures your Internet connection speed.

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