How to Automate Files Downloading

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You may be a  frequent downloader of big files using Torrent.Many have unlimited plans   to download freely in the late night( for eg 2 am to 8 am in BSNL).It is not easy  to wake in the night, go to PC, start it, wait for the link, then connect, start the torrent and sleep.


If there any software which can self connect to the Net, using the present connection at a pre-determined time, and then start the torrent software.That is convenient for many.The following tips may help you


images Download Flashget from here.FlashGet support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, MMST, and RTSP protocol.It t supports more than bit torrent files, segmented downloading, and FTP recognition. It also has a Site Explorer feature that allows you to download multiple files from the same site in a Windows Explorer-style interface.Guidelines here

spark And uTorrent  from for downloading bittorrent files. Activate and  configure scheduler .


wincronicon Now download  System Scheduler from will help with scheduling. It is an excellent tool to schedule unattended running of applications, batch files, scripts and much more.


System Scheduler not only allows you to launch programs at scheduled times but also to send key presses and mouse clicks to those programs. This allows you to not only schedule programs to run overnight or at the weekend but also get those programs to do useful things while unattended. A really powerful feature.



If you are looking for System Scheduler Professional Version check  here | Mirror


You need Auto PowerOn and ShutDown from .It allows you to auto-start up your computer to work at a specified date and time, even if the system was stopped in hibernation.It support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista.




Control your computer resume from power-off state (hibernation).
Wake up your computer from sleep mode (standby) .
Playback a keyboard and mouse macro, a useful feature for such as TV record.
Run programs, close programs, open files and open URL at any specified time .
Play mp3, wma , wav and flash at any specified time .
Logs on system automatically (Win2000/XP/Vista) .
Shutdown or reboot , log off, lock session, close monitor, make computer enter sleep mode (standby/hibernation) at any time .
Synchronize your PC's time to atomic clock servers .




CaptureWiz005 Download links | Mirror | esnips | Rapidshare |Mirror| Zshare

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