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Some of the sites blocked in offices may include  YouTube, Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, Flickr, Meebo, Yahoo! Messenger and other instant messengers(IMs).There are many methods to access blocked or restricted sites, some of them are mentioned earlier in SparksSpace. Here are few more methods.

1.Access Sites Blocked allows you to surf almost any type of website you want to, without any extra information or headache.This will allow you to browse anonymously on the internet without giving out your personal information.Just type the website name and you're on your way to open it.
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2.Download GhostFox, a privacy-friendly browser which is based on Firefox. GhostFox has a privacy bar just below the URL bar, from which you can select a proxy (select the one from your region), click ‘Apply’ and start browsing.

3.Using Blockedsites.info proxy, you will be able to view sites that your work or school filters have blocked out. Visit MySpacy, Bebo, FaceBook and many other sites that you cannot view using a standard browser window with this.
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4.Get the IP of the site from Web Server IP Checker and go to RedRoster. Enter the IP in the IP address field and hit calculate. You will get a decimal in the ‘Decimal’ field. Paste it in your browser as http://decimalnumber/

5.Use Google cache - If you are not bothered whether the content is latest on a site, Google cache is best. Do a Google search for the site and then click on the cached link below the search results.
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6.Check this  list of

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