Resycled/ is not a Valid Windows32 Application

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Sometimes  you may getting the message 'resycled\ is not a valid win32 application .As a result of this error the drive does not open but you can open the drive by right clicking on the drive letter and select Explore.

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resycled/ is a worm that propagates on local fixed and removable USB drives. It  may infect drives via autorun.inf file it created that runs a command each time the drive is accessed. Malicious files will be copied to a drives attached on infected computer.


First you have to clean out the temporoary folders. For this download ATF Cleaner to your Desktop.

  • Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.
  • Click Select All found at the bottom of the list.
  • Click the Empty Selected button

extend Delete any hidden ‘autorun.inf’ files from all the drives. These files will be present in the root folder

    1. Opened the My Computer
    2. Right clicked the mouse on the drive having the infection.
    3. Selected "Explorer" from the pop-up menu.
    4. Went to the Menu bar and select Tools->Folder Option.
    5. Select the View tap. and did:
    a) selecting "Show hidden files and folders'
    b) Unchecking "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)"
    6. Click OK.

    7. Now search for the file "autorun.inf" file in the root of each infected drive and delete

extend Scan the registry and find the words ‘resycled’ and ‘’ and delete the keys. Take a backup of the registry before doing so.
extend Scan and delete all files that state in the folder ‘C:\Windows\system32\dllcache’
extend Scan and delete all files that state in the folder ‘C:\Windows\prefetch’ or just clear the folder.
extend Clear the temp folder, cookies, and Internet cache.
extend Disable the Autorun feature before accessing any external drives (USB flash drives, cameras, etc.) and CD/DVDs or just hold down [Shift] for 15 seconds when plugging in the drives. This will prevent the ‘autorun.inf’ file from executing the virus. Do not double-click
on the drive letter, instead right-click and select ‘Explore’ to open it.
extend Delete all files and folders with names ‘autorun.inf’ and ‘resycled’ from all drives and folders. Always keep your antivirus program up to date when using shared external media or if you download unknown software often. Keep Windows updatedusing the automatic update feature

extend PRT (Perlovga Removal Tool) removes the leftovers of this virus by removing the 'autorun.inf' files and cleaning up you system registry ic_download Download PRT

extend Autorun Eater is another tool will remove any suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ files even before the user attempts to open the drive.It also fixes the three common problems caused by the viruses ic_download Download AutorunEater

  1. Task Manager disabled.
  2. Registry editing disabled.
  3. Hidden Folder Options

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