Analyze Your Computer System With Kaspersky’s GSI Parser

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GSI Parser is a free service from Kaspersky to give you useful information about your system in order to troubleshoot technical issues. This includes your outdated system drivers,outdated applications,suspicious files,infections and unknown files.After running this tool collects full system report which is in a zipped form, which contains a text file with all the information .

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You have to upload this zipped report to GSI Parser website.The online GSI parser will analyze the report and display various information about the computer system in the browser.Report  has 11 tabs , each tab contains detailed information about possible problems.Some details can be clicked on to get more details in a popup window.It is also possible to perform additional query on search engines to find out more about a specific file or problem.

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Kaspersky’s GSI Parser  is very useful to troubleshoot technical issues such as to  detect incompatible software, detect possible known and unknown malware on your computer, and also detect program function errors It is similar to HijackThis which scans your computer and it creates a report, or log file, with the results of the scan


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downloadfile Download GSI Parser (Windows XP/Vista) | Download GSI Parser (Windows 2000, NT, 98) | 8-2-2009 7-03-39 AM GSI Parser Home page

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