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YouTube is one of the famous video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos.Here are some tools that can help you make the most of YouTube.Among these are utilities that help you block ads , remove comments  and download videos easily.


1.Easy YouTube Video Downloader :This fantastic tool  is for Firefox users, which help 8-17-2009 5-40-14 AMyou download videos directly from YouTube.With this add-on you can  download YouTube  videos in FLV, 3GP, MP4 and HD qualities.You can specify the name of file while saving it.


8-17-2009 5-51-01 AM


2.High Quality Videos: The quality of videos can be vary depending upon certain factors.If your computer have good configuration and good internet speeds, then watching videos in their best possible quality is  easy.YouTube HD Ultimate is a user script that can help you videos in 720p High Quality.This script automatically loads the HQ / HD version of the video on the page without refreshing the whole page, with lots of other little "goodies" for YouTube like auto-looping,downloading in multiple formats,removal of in-video ads etc.


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3.Quietube:Searching for a video and loading  it can be quite cumbersome on a computer with a slow  internet connection .Quietube is a tool, which considerably lighten the load on your browser while viewing videos.All the unnecessary  elements on the page will be removed and you will see your video on a plain white page without any other elements.


8-17-2009 8-54-03 PM

Original Page



8-17-2009 8-58-09 PM

After applying quietube java script


You can then make short URLs too, to send the quietube version to your friends.Visit

4.You Tube Prevent Auto play  is a great tool for advanced users, to block Auto play of You Tube videos.This can be used with any browser that has a script editor.This is basically a user script that gets installed into your browser and affects  every page that you browse .This tool available here: : Users those who have slow internet speed may affected with failed downloads and connections  that get timed out  while the download is still on.Keepvid .com is a  great site to get your YouTube videos downloaded without worrying about the bandwidth.Just copy the You Tube video link from the address bar and paste it  in the textbox in .Two different download links available there, one for FLV(low quality) videos and the other is for MP4(High quality) videos.You can select the desired format to download.

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6.Vixy.Net:This also another popular You Tube video downloading website .Copy and paste the link  in the textbox  provided .Vixy.Net ( )provides  videos in more formats.You can choose the file format  from the dropdown  box that’s provided  below the URL box.Make sure that you have an appropriate  media player to play these files.

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7.Tubestop : By default ,when a  You Tube video loads ,it starts playing automatically.There may be number of reasons for which users may not want videos to play automatically.If you have slow connection that doesn’t stream  videos smoothly ,then you can stop the Auto play ,wait for it to stream and watch it later without any lags.Firefox users can disable this Auto play  feature of You Tube  with the help of an add-on  called Tubestop.You can also use this tool , if you want to open up multiple videos in You Tube  and want to view them one at a time.

 downloadfile  TubeStop For Firefox

8.Speedbit:Instead of waiting for your You Tube videos to load at the snail’s pace and watching it later, because of slow connection ,you can get the videos loaded in a jiffy.SpeedBit Video Acceleration is a tool for increasing  the streaming& buffering speed.This application can also streaming multiple You Tube videos at a time.The efficiency of SpeedBit also depends on your internet connection speed.



9.Sprink:Browsers are often responsible for slowing down videos and causing them to load after a long time.If you feel that your browser is the culprit,then you can always switch to Sprink.This a great tool to enjoy You Tube videos on a standalone player.A major advantage  of using a standalone player is that it allows you to continue with other work while still keeping the videos in view on your desktop.

Make sure you have all the required software’s installed in order to run Sprink:

To watch any YouTube video on a media player like VLC or GOMPlayer, first get the URL of the YouTube video from the browser’s address bar. YouTube URLs have the following format. Now change this URL to this: Notice that the  “watch?”  is  replaced “=” with a “/”. Now just open this URL in your media player

downloadfile Sprink

10.YouTube Comment Snob:Comments in YouTube can sometims quite annoying .YouTube Comment Snob is a Firefox extension that filters out undesirable comments from YouTube comment threads.It doesn’t remove  all the comments from the YouTube page ,filtering is based on the following criteria :more spelling mistakes than those specified (value is customisable).no capitals,all capitals ,no sentence case ,unnecessary punctuation and profanity

downloadfile YouTube Comment Snob 



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