How to Delete Undeletable Files in Windows

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We store files, folders, applications and data on our PC for future use.However ,once we have no use for such files ,they are nothing but a waste of space.Deleting  those files are the best option.But many occasions,  it is almost impossible to delete unwanted files from your PC due to many reasons.


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The main reason behind this is that the explorer.exe process locks files that are in use, effectively preventing you from deleting them.Here are some tips,tools and tweaks  which can help you get rid of these troublesome files for good.


Use Task Manager

Using the task manager  to delete a troublesome file  is  one of the common methods.Ensure that you have quit all other applications.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt +Del to launch the “TaskManager”
  • Go to the Processor Tab
  • Select Explorer.exe and click “EndPocess
  • Click “Files > New Task”,enter “Command”  ;click “OK
  • In the command prompt navigate to the folder which contains the file that you want to delete.
  • Once you are in the folder, simply type “Del” followed by a space  and the filename.For example Del SnareCore

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  • Type “exit” and press “Enter”  key to close the prompt.
  • In the task manager click “File > New task”.
  • Type “Explorer.exe” in the box and click “OK

Windows Recovery Console

The Windows file Recovery Console helps  you to recover( with administrative rights) your systems form fatal crashes & other problems.

  • Insert the bootable Windows XP CD
  • Click ”Start>Run
  • In the command prompt ,enter ” E:\i386\winnt32.exe/cmdcons” (where ‘E’is the CD-ROM)
  • The “Windows Setup”dialog box will appear  on your screen.This dialog box will contain brief information about Console.Click “Yes”.
  • The installation  will complete automatically .After it completes ,restart your  machine.
  • Select “Windows Recovery Console” on startup.
  • Wait for the files to be copied into your system.
  • If you have Windows installed on only one drive the enter ”I” and press enter.Else select which installation of Windows  you want to start.

Next time Windows starts,Recovery Console will  automatically start.Use this console  to navigate to the location  where the file is stored and delete it


UnlockMe is a useful tool that will help you get rid of stubborn files.With this you can  delete, move or rename files or folders that are temporarily locked by other processes.It integrates into the Windows right-click menu which unlocks the file with one click.



Sparksspacedownloadfile Download UnlockMe |Freeware |225KB


Remove on Reboot Shell Extension is a simple but useful shell extension, which  allows you to delete files automatically after the next reboot. With this useful tool you can delete a file that is currently in use (locked) and cannot be deleted from within Windows. Just right-click and select "Delete on Reboot" and the file will be automatically deleted.



downloadfile  Download Remove on Reboot |Freeware | 330KB


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