How to Protect Your System From Keyloggers

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Keylogger is small spy program or hardware device , that  has the ability record everything you type on the computer.It either stores this information in a hidden place on your computer or sends it over the Internet to the person who infiltrated it.


Keyloggers can be used  to monitor employee's activity or  watch your computer while you are away. But  some people abuse the program to steal others' passwords.They can violate user privacy for months and even years until the user will notice them. During alkeylogger l this time a regular keylogger is able to find out everything about the user. Someone who controls a keylogger gets priceless information including the monitored user’s passwords, login names, credit card numbers, exact bank account details, contacts, interests, web browsing habits and much more. All this information can be used to steal victim's valuable personal documents, money, use his name, address and other identity data for criminal offences.hardware-keylogger



Keyloggers can come in many forms, as emails, viruses, Trojan horses; from people who might try to invade your privacy .Most of them are  invisible, so you won't know if they are running on your system.How can you know if such program has been installed on your computer?How can you protect your privacy?

                                                                                             Hardware Keylogger 

1.Check the Windows Task Manager for all running tasks by hitting Control + Alt + Delete. You can verify all the tasks and research unknown tasks by Google Search.

2.Start >> Run >> type msconfig >> hit enter>> Start tab >>  Verify all programs that are set to start up each time you boot the computer. Compare the programs listed and learn more about them on the internet to see whether  they are legitimate startup programs or possible keyloggers

3.Check the cable connections of the keyboard  and make sure there are not "extra connectors" on the end of it. The keyboard should have a single cable with no removable bit on the end and it should plug directly into a port on the back of the computer box. Hardware keylogger.

4.Check the services  running in your PC.Start > Run >type services.msc.Check those items running automatically.If anything found suspicious stop  those.

5. You would fist look in the add/remove programs to see if anything has been installed that can monitor keystrokes.

I recommend setting new passwords (good strong passwords are at least 8 characters long and use a combination of UPPERCASE, lowercase, numb3rs, and speci@l ch@racters) on all programs .


Softwares to detect keyloggers:Spyware protection software or keylogger remover is the easiest way to remove spyware and keeping it away. It detects and removes all pieces of spyware and adware automatically. Spyware is extremely difficult to remove manually and should only be removed with effective and advanced keylogger or spyware protection software. Protect your computer from these malicious spywares and enjoy peace of mind.


Are you sure that your security software is capable of identifying keylogging activities? Here  is a simple test software available from Zemana, which lets you simulate a keylogger on your computer. It is a free download which can  run it on your computer. If your security software is able to detect it, then you may be confident about the effectiveness of that against keyloggers, otherwise it is time to have a second look at your choice of security software. Check :

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