Making Better Use of the Taskbar

Satheesh C B | Thursday, September 17, 2009 | 0 comments

The width of the buttons of running programs in the taskbar is restricted.You may noticed that even if only one program is open, its complete name is not visible .In such cases,you would like the button in the taskbar to be bigger.When several symbols have to share the space in the taskbar ,Windows automatically reduces the size of the individual objects.With enough space however  ,a specific minimum value is used for these icons.With that, you can modify the size of the button in the registry.


For that , click Start>Run>type “Regedit” without quotes ,and click ”OK”.Navigate to 


Search for the character string ‘MinWidth’ towards the right of the window.(If the entry does not exist ,create it the with the command ‘Edit| New | Character String’ ).To edit ,double-click on the new entry.In the following dialog ,enter the desired  minimum size in pixels.

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Don’t worry about the minimum size , because Windows always  reduces the actual size  to the suitable size of the free space in the taskbar.The set of value is used only if the free space is more  than or equal this value.For example enter ‘1000’ and confirm with ‘OK’.


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