How to Add More Search Engines in Internet Explorer 8

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BY default, Internet Explorer 8 contains a textbox besides the address bar that has ‘Bing” in it. This textbox can be used to search data on the Internet and acts just like a regular search engine. The reason this feature has been added is to create a quicker means of searching data on the Internet, without requiring the user to visit the particular search site. To search a particular term using this search box, simply enter the search text in the textbox. Click the dropdown box near the textbox and select the search engine and click 'OK'. To add more search engines to this list simply follow these steps:-

  • Click the drop-down box near the search textbox that lets you select the search engine of your choice.

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  • Click the 'Add to Internet Explorer' button that corresponds to the entry in the list that you would like to add as a search engine.
  • A dialog box will appear on your screen with two checkboxes. Select both the checkboxes and click 'Add'. This will set the selected search engine as default.

To change the settings of the search  provider, click the drop-down box near the search button again and select 'Manage Add-ons'. Select a particular search engine from the list and select the status. For instance, if you have just set 'Google' as the default search engine and wish to change it to then click the entry in the list and click 'Set as default'. For added controls and settings you can right-click the name of the search engine and change settings such as sorting it, copying it or removing it from the list altogether.

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