Google Search Lets You Replay Twitter Timeline

Satheesh C B | Saturday, April 17, 2010 | 0 comments

Google recently   added a new way to catch up on Twitter's never-ending conversation: a timeline view through which you can replay old updates.It searches updates on Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, and MySpace. It is an attempt to recreate the conversation which occurred at a specific point in time about any topic.Tweets will be grouped by topic, and the format will allow users to see when tweet activity was highest for their search query. When a certain date is selected, the messages will pop up in the form of a scrolling list. The timeline looks something like a stock graph, showing spikes signifying moments of high Twitter activity on a particular topic.



Twitter has its own search page , the results are often grouped around trending topics, or simply lack any form of organization.If you have more tweets to your name, you can’t get to them all even though your are a registered  Twitter user.  But the Google program will work as a practical archive. For now, Google says that it will offer tweets going back to February 11, 2010 but will soon extend back to March 21, 2006.

You can try it now by selecting ‘options’ on the search page and selecting ‘updates’, You should then see the timeline updates for your chosen topic.In this example below Google shows us how it will look like when you search for your chosen topic. You can test drive the new function on this special link.

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