How to Find Out Which EXE Files are Safe in Your PC?

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There are many programs running in your PC and  some of them are hidden.Some of them are  part of your Windows system  , but  others may be viruses, adware or spyware that have been hidden from view.You can use Windows Task Manager to find these hidden programs .But You can’t really determine if a file on your system is safe to run by their file name.Many of the malicious programs are in disguising the identity of a virus, they do this by hiding them and naming them with something unsuspecting and crafty.

Here is website ,  which is useful to  view all running programs on your computer, and check if these files are safe to run or not.It also contains an entire database of EXE files with their function as well as details on how dangerous they are.

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The exe file information tool will  list out all the   running  processes in the background on your Windows  and  let you find  detailed information about   those processes  , so you could easily determine which one is safe.You can also terminate any  unwanted process using the free tool.

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