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Spyware Symptoms

  • One of the oldest and most common spyware tricks is to automatically change your Web browser's default or start-up homepage - the page that first appears when you start your browser or click the "home" button.
  • You end up in a same strange site, whenever you perform a search.
  • Your firewall and antivirus programs are frequently turned off automatically.
  • Your network connection's activity lights blink a lot, when you are not actively doing anything on the internet.
  • You are unable to stop the excessive popup windows that appears from nowhere.
  • Your computer (not just your connection speed) slows down significantly whether online or offline.
  • Strange icons and new shortcuts lurking in your taskbar, system tray or on your desktop.
  • You find new programs in the add/remove programs of your control panel which you don't ever remember installing.
  • You notice an unusual amount of new favorites and are not sure how they got there.
  • Strange problems occur within windows, (performance issues, programs not working as they should, etc)
  • You are redirected to a strange site instead of 404 error page, when a web page isn't found.
  • You get frequent alerts from your firewall about an unknown program or process trying to access the internet.
  • You get a lot of bounced back mail and see evidence of e-mails being sent without your knowledge.
  • Your browsing speed becomes very slow since you installed the "ultimate search companion".
  • Strange and unexpected toolbars appear in your web browser and you don't know how it got there.
  • Your phone company charges you for '1-900' phone calls you didn't make.
  • When you try to open spyware eradicating programs like Spybot S&D, Adaware or windows programs like Task manager, Regedit and Msconfig, they just pop up on your screen momentarily and disappear.
  • The Java console appears in your task bar when you hadn't run any Java software recently.
  • Virus Symptoms

  • Unusual messages or displays on your monitor
  • Unusual sounds or music played at random times
  • Your system has less available memory than it should
  • A disk or volume name has been changed
  • Programs or files are suddenly missing
  • Unknown programs or files have been created
  • Some of your files become corrupted or suddenly don't work properly
  • More details here

    Trojan Symptoms

  • Your computer screen flips upside down or inverts
  • Your wall paper or background settings change by themselves
  • Documents or messages print on your printer by themselves
  • Your windows color settings change by themselves
  • Your screen saver settings change by themselves
  • Your right and left mouse buttons reverse their functions
  • Your mouse pointer disappears
  • Your mouse moves by itself
  • Your mouse starts leaving trails
  • Your Windows Start button disappears
  • Your computer starts reading the contents of your computer clipboard
  • Your Task bar disappears
  • Your computer shuts down and powers off by itself
  • More details here

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