Kaspersky-How to get around blacklist

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Here is how you do it:
1. download a fresh copy of the free trial software from kaspersky website because the file is from june, the key is not blacklisted yet.
2. Go here and download the key
3. Turn off your internet
4. Install the program and the key file
5. Set KAV update to manual
6. Go to here to download the update from Kaspersky

7. Download the av-i386-cumul.zip along with the av-i386-daily.zip
8. Unzip both files to a folder
9. Important: Remove the file name "black.lst" this is what mark your key as blacklist.
10. Important: reboot the computer in "safe mode"
11. Change the folder view options on your computer to "view hidden file" and locate the "ProgramData" folder, then go into Kaspersky lab folder, then into AVP7, then go into Bases folder

12. Now copy all the files from the unzipped folder (from step 8) to the Bases folder, and replace the old files with the new files. Important: you can only replace the file when you are in safemode.

13. Reboot normally and your kaspersky is updated.
14. Go to Kaspersky daily and manually update your file using the daily.zip. or weekly
15. Enjoy your 451 days of free software

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