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Satheesh C B | Wednesday, July 30, 2008 | 0 comments

A recent collaborative study between Google, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and IBM offers new insight into how many people surfing the web are doing so safely. According to the report, a clear majority of users (some 59 percent) are using the latest version of their preferred Internet browser—but that still leaves 40.1 percent who aren't.Web surfing with an older version of a browser is getting riskier.Proper browser security is therefore of paramount concern.

                         Data source: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Pushup is an effort to push the web forward by helping users update their outdated browsers. A neat piece of JavaScript that will check your  browser  and provide a discrete popup message if there is a newer version available.


Pushup is currently pushing towards Web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Ready for push?

For Installation & Guidelines ->http://www.pushuptheweb.com/

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