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Nowadays, data security and integrity are key issues for all of us, whether we're talking about banking details, personal data or complex corporate projects. The data protection is enhanced by the features such as: protection against the accidental overwriting of the files and the possibility to delete the files after their use.

Androsa FileProtector application was designed to be a professional software that protects any type of file encrypting completely the content with the most advanced systems of cryptography.Androsa FileProtector integrates with Windows Explorer for convenient access from the right-click menu, and also provides a drag and drop interface to batch encrypt/decrypt multiple files. Other features include password strength indicator, file compression and more.

Portable Androsa FileProtector allows to put to the sure sensitive file or personal file that do not have to be used/viewed from people not authorized that they have logging to the pc and/or to the files



· Possibility to protect any type of file.
· Integration with the context-menu of Windows.
· Supported languages: Italian, English
· Graphical user interface style Windows XP simple and functional.
· Protection files through the most advanced algorithms of cryptography: AES - 256 bit / 192 bit / 128 bit, TripleDES 192 bit, DES 64 bit
· Cryptography with password up to 256 bit (32 characters).
· Statistics of protection in real time.
· Drag & Drop from Windows.
· Possibility of management through system's bar (SysTray).
· System of automatic updating.
· High safety of the protected files.
· Help in chm extension.
· Possibility to order and to group the files in the principal list.
· Automatic system of protection against password "weak."
· System of verification against the change and/or corruption of protected file.
· System creation/elimination automatic of the backup copies.
· Possibility to pause/resume the protection

Sys Req:Microsoft Framework .NET 2.0 Freeware

  • dot Windows 2000 (Service pack 4 required)
  • dot Windows XP (Service pack 2 suggested)
  • dot Windows Server 2003
  • dot Windows Vista (All versions)

download afp_1.4.2.zipWinZip_icon download Portable ver. for USB PenDrive WinZip_icon

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  1. Clamwin Antivrius detects that it is infected with Trojan.Startpage-696. Is this a false positive by Clamwin?

  2. Hello,
    It is not infected with trojan,but Antivirus/Antispywares some times detect other softwares as Tojan/Worm/Virus.
    Plz try a google check for Androsa FIleProtector