DrWeb LiveCD – Free Bootable Antivirus

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Dr.Web LiveCD  is a free antivirus rescue disk from Dr. Web, which is very useful to scan and remove virus when the computer is very badly infected by virus. It contains all necessary tools to check your computer for viruses without installation of any programs on the hard drive. The check is made by the anti-virus on-demand scanner with the newest anti-virus bases included into the CD. It allows to scan files in all file systems of Windows (FAT, FAT32 and NTFS).


How to use?
1. Make sure that a CD/DVD drive or any other device with Dr.Web LiveCD is set as the first boot device.
2. As loading starts a dialogue window will prompt you to choose between the standard and the safe mode.
3. Use arrow keys to select a desired mode and press [Enter]:
In order to use the scanner with the GUI choose DrWeb-LiveCD.
If you’d like to start the scanner using the command line (console) select DrWeb-LiveCD (Safe Mode).
4.Select Local HDD to boot from a hard drive .


Download icon  Dr.Web Live  CD |65MB

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