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Satheesh C B | Monday, January 19, 2009 | 2 comments

Every internet user’s personal information is increasingly at risk and they must take precautions to prevent identity theft. Hackers and identity thieves go after "low hanging fruit" and know that many people do not have the time and experience to protect sensitive data appropriately.



Identity theft can have a significant financial impact and now more than ever, people must take additional steps to protect themselves.Identity Finder Free Edition will detect personal information on your computer that is vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.It has the robust and comprehensive search and secure capabilities.


Identity Finder Free can be downloaded for personal use at no charge. The Free Edition will discover unprotected instances of consumers' credit card numbers and passwords that they didn't know existed in hidden areas and files on their computers. The Free Edition also comes with fully functioning security tools to clean personal information stored inside their web browsers, permanently shred any file on their computer so it can never be recovered by a hacker, encrypt any file so it cannot be read without a password, and manage multiple passwords inside Identity Finder's secure password vault.



SysReq:Windows 2000 with SP3/XP/Vista | Freeware | 30.1MB


  download_thumb[1] Identity Finder Free

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  1. nice piece of software. have you tried in your system? Does it really work? or is it bundled with hidden spywares and malwares?

  2. Hi,
    check here
    That is recommended by Softpedia&CNet (Tested spyware free)