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Many of us have multiple email  accounts.It is not easy to remember   all the account settings  and we may  forget to check   the mails promptly .When ever  you  forget to check the  important message in your other email accounts, here is Zimbra  to save you.Get e-mail, contacts, and calendar all in one application with this.3-18-2009 12-27-02 PM


Zimbra Desktop can handle multiple accounts, including access to the competition.Zimbra Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, Outlook or any other work or personal email account using POP or IMAP is easy to set up in Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop. Configuring for Gmail, or any other mail service, was  simple. There's also tagging, which Zimbra uses much like Gmail's labels. Unfortunately, Zimbra's tags and Gmail's labels didn't synchronize. And tags are specific to an e-mail account, so clicking on a tag will show only a subset of messages within one.


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  • Email, contacts, calendar, and documents all in one application
  • Syncs Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail email, contacts and calendars
  • Read email from any POP or IMAP email account including AOL, Hotmail or business email
  • Works on Windows, Apple, or Linux desktop computers
  • No limit to the size of your email storage
  • It works online and offline
  • Easily compose, edit, delete, reply, or make drafts
  • "Drag and drop" messages into new folders or the Trash
  • Supports plain text and html message formatting
  • Add email signatures for each account and automatically reply with the correct "from" address
  • Compose email even when you are not online-messages you send are saved in the "Outbox" and are sent when you connect again
  • Supports any POP or IMAP email plus Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail
  • and more…


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    One of the better features of the Zimbra desktop is its use of tagging for both calendar and email items. With a few clicks, Zimbra allows you to tag a calendar or email item to a specific topic -- which is then marked by a color-coded "tag" icon for easy viewing and organization



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