How to Embed Image in Yahoo Mail?

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GMail has options to sending inline pictures (embedding) that I posted  earlier -  GMail Labs Lets Users Insert Images into GMail ,How to Embed an Image Into GMAIL . Whether it is possible Yahoo Mail ,without as an attachment? yes it is possible.You can follow the  methods.

Open your Yahoo Mail and ensure  rich text formatting  is enabled in Options  ,


  • Options > Mail Options >Click General>Under Mode make sure Compose messages as color and graphics is selected.
  • Click Save

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    Now you have to upload the images from your PC  to anyone of the free image hosting sites.There are many available in net,try a Google check: .Here I am using Photobucket.After uploading your image,just copy it.For that highlight the image with mouse , right click & select copy( Ctrl+C)


    If your image is larger than some 640x640 pixels, consider shrinking it to more handy proportions before you put it online.
    To trim images to be lean and fit for emails use  ResizR. -ResizR is a  free and very useful little utility. ResizR allows you to resize an image from your local computer or the web.Click Browse and select the desired image. Use the slider or the entry field to choose the desired width. Use a width between 300 and 640 pixels.Try 340 pixels first.  Click ResizR.
    Drag and drop the resulting image to your Desktop. Another free utility is VSO Image Resizer.Alternatively you can  use tools  like  Image Resizer PowerToy | IrfanView


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    Now paste  this image to your yahoo mail .You can  add more images like this way.Finally, send your Yahoo! Mail message as usual


          5-24-2009 7-47-18 PM           5-24-2009 7-49-36 PM



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    If you are using other mail clients like Outlook/Outlook Express, it is easy for you to add images as inline.But  if you don't have Yahoo Plus account, you need to configure your yahoo mail with YPOPs! Download YPOPs! from here .How to configure it in Outlook Express  here  and  in Outlook   here . If you have a  Yahoo Singapore or    Yahoo Hong Kong  ,you can configure Yahoo Mail  in Outlook/Outlook Express .These are providing Free Yahoo POP3 email account.


    Here is how to add images inline in Outlook 2007

    Open new mail message >Insert >Picture .Select your  pictures  from your PC as shown below


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    5-24-2009 10-06-08 PM

    Send your messages as usual.

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