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Satheesh C B | Monday, February 15, 2010 | 0 comments

Some of you are probably aware of spiders. They are these little programs that surf the internet looking for data. Some spiders assist search engines in helping you find the web page you are looking for. Both good and bad spiders exists .Evil spiders   looking for email addresses in web pages. Once they find one, they send it to a database so someone can send you junk email.

If you want to display your email address on your website ,but  you want to avoid spiders/ robots/ spammers from finding it and sending you junk mail, then use the Mask Email Image Generator .The Mask Email Image Generator will create a JPG image of your email address. Use it in place of text to fool those evil spiders that seek out email addresses for purposes of sending junk email. Once you've created your image, save it to your system.

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You can change  the Font Size and Font Color, and the background color. Also you can select border around the email address, if you want.You can  use the saved image on your website ,  usually you have to insert it  in : mailto , where people to email.This will protect  you from spam mails, where spiders   not be able to find your email address.

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