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Satheesh C B | Thursday, July 30, 2009 | 0 comments

While you are online , found an interesting webpage and  you want to share with your   friends. And also your friends are facing  problems with  specific websites / web pages ,as they are blocked by authorities in offices, schools and in certain countries.Here is a free online utility Email the Web  which helps you , instead of sending webpage link,  send the whole webpage via email .

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There is nothing to download or install. Just copy & paste the full web page address  into the above text box and click email web page.You can enter webpage URL, sign in using Google account, preview the webpage and quickly send it to your friends.If the web page  you are going to send contains any pop-ups  EmailTheWeb will remove all such pop-ups and mail the page without them.


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  • Immediate - you can email a web page right now. Just copy or type a hyperlink and click Email
  • Fast - the entire web page is emailed in a flash
  • Frozen - the web page is captured as it is now. Your recipient will see the same exact page as you.
  • Safe - the captured web page is stripped of pop-ups and dynamic ads
  • No need to register, only requires you to have a GMail account in order to send emails.


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