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Satheesh C B | Monday, March 30, 2009 | 2 comments

Digital Cameras   allow the users  to snap high quality pictures,but it may not easy to upload online or share through mails .PhotoRazor solves this by making high quality copies of your photos at a smaller size - ideal for on-screen viewing. This reduces the file size making them much easier to e-mail and perfect for showing on Web sites. PhotoRazor resizes individual photos and batches of photos using a high quality bi cubic resampler, and includes an advanced black & white conversion filter with color tinting.


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You  can choose any photos that you would like to resize followed by the Size & Quality selection. You can also restrict the maximum Width/Height pixels so that the resized photos stay within the limit of pixel counts as well as the picture quality  depending on own preference. This  can also be used to resize photos in bulk to conserve time needed for other more important activities.



  • Very easy to use - resize whole folders of photos at the click of a button
  • Ideal for creating small high quality copies of your large photos for email or showing on your website
  • Real time preview - adjust the size & quality and see the result before processing, a real time saver
  • Non-destructive - saves the small photos to a separate folder so your originals remain untouched

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  1. Very useful article Spark. I hope all those who upload tonnes of bytes into Emails will learn this and act.
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